Images: Honda

Honda is taking a page out of Porscheā€™s book and cramming every single option they can think of into the 2018 Honda Odyssey Elite. The base model of the Odyssey costs $29,990 which puts it in line with most minivans. The very subtly named ā€œEliteā€ trim starts at $46,770 which is nearly three times the price as a base Honda Fit or about 17 times the price of a 2018 Honda Ruckus scooter.

When options come into play, the Odyssey balloons to a ridiculous $56,459. What do you get when you buy a minivan that costs more than a Porsche Macan? Well you get the base 3.5-liter V6 and 10-speed transmission that adorns all the Odysseys. You also get an in-car entertainment system and all the sensors you would ever want on a luxury minivan.

But what sets the $56k Elite apart? That would be the included surfboard rack and tent. Presumably, someone at Honda wandered into a design meeting for the Odyssey, mumbled the words ā€œsurfboard camping tripā€ and then left. Some of the more mundane options include every floor mat and door sill protector conceived by man and some pretty bad 19-inch alloy wheels.

For the price of roughly 56 first-generation Honda Odysseys, you can get your very own factory-spec surf van. Or you can just buy a Honda Civic Type-R.