The $50,000 Kawasaki Ninja H2R Doesn't Come With A Warranty

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The insanity of the Kawasaki Ninja H2R comes in a variety of flavors. There's its supercharged 300 hp engine, it's $50,000 price tag, and it's lengthy list of fine print, which includes the fact that when you drop 50-large on a bike, it doesn't come with a warranty.


The H2R's Vehicle Acknowledgement is chockfull of the lawyerese you'd expect with something that's for track-use only, including specific tires (Bridgestone Battlax V01s), keeping the bike up on stands when not in use, requiring tire warmers, and very specific maintenance intervals (inspections after every 15 hours of use).

There's also a line about only selling parts to owners that can show proof that they actually have an H2R, and then there's this:

Vehicle Warranty:

The H2R is sold "As is" with no warranties, express or implied. The purchaser accepts all responsibilities concerning cost of service, maintenance and repairs.

Now we totally get that being a track-only bike includes a lot of caveats, but not offering any kind of powertrain warranty if that blown engine goes boom seems like a bit of a stretch – particularly when paying $50k for the privilege.

If that's not enough to deter you (and I'm not sure if it would be), Kawasaki dealers are taking pre-orders now and will only accept reservations through December 19, 2014. And if the H2R is a little too hot for your tastes, the road-legal (and fully-warrantied) H2 is available for pre-order as well – at exactly half the price.



themanwithsauce - has as many vehicles as job titles

Meh, not surprised. If it isn't even street legal, chances are the most common warranty claims come from wear and tear in traffic rather than the track where you will likely be manically checking and rechecking things like tire pressure and coolant levels. This is probably there for the eventual owner who decides to take it out on the street because "OMG THIS GIXXER IS SOOOOOOOO WEAKSAUCE IMA GO BUY A MANS BIKE INSTEAD OF A HOUSE AND CONTINUE RENTING MY CRAPPY APARTMENT AND IM GONNA DRIVE IT ON THE STREET BECAUSE THE DEALERSHIP MAN ISNT MY DAD EVEN THOUGH THEY BOTH LEFT MY LIFE ABOUT AN HOUR AFTER SEEING ME!!!!!!"

I would like to point out before I go on - This eventual owner does not represent responsible motorcyclists and probably has a nickname he gave himself like "The Big Deal" or "Primal" or......*shudder*..."Sexual Dynamite or, you ladies can call me SD for short ;)" and news flash, he's called that because he has a 10 second fuse, explodes, and then leaves nothing but devastation and sadness in the bedroom.

Right, got sidetracked, *ahem* so eventually, James "Mr. Disaster" Smith is going to be riding his H2R in traffic, splitting lanes, his helmet strapped to the side of his bike, and he is going to notice that the bike feels sluggish. And that he should've really bought a house since Tina told all her friends his apartment smells like cat piss and now he needs to stay away from Gator John's tuesday night happy hour to avoid being called "Cat Piss Smith". When all the sudden.......rattle-rattle-hiss-rattle-hiss-RATTLE-*CLANK* - *dead*.

So Mr. Cat Piss takes the H2R to the dealer who promptly laugh his ass out of their dealership for trying to make a warranty claim on a non existant warranty on top of driving a non-street legal bike on the street and overheating it to eventual engine death. And thus, the only thing left for "Cat Piss Smith" is to donate himself to an asian restaurant to be chopped up and fried like the dumb squid that he is.