The 2020 Tesla Model Y Performance Gets An Official EPA Rated 315 Miles Of Range

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The Model Y was officially unveiled almost a year ago in March of 2019, and Thursday the first Performance version was finally given an official EPA rating for range and MPGe. Hopefully customer deliveries will begin soon, as some customers who placed deposits have allegedly been called to confirm a February delivery. The tall version of the Model 3 is on its way, and it can go 315 miles on a charge, just 7 miles short of the more aerodynamic 3's 322 mile range.


According to, the Model Y Performance has been given an efficiency rating of 121 MPGe, just one better than Hyundai’s Kona Electric, making it the most efficient electric crossover on the market. Just barely. That said, it’s significantly more efficient than Audi’s e-tron or Jaguar’s I-Pace.

Tesla says the dual-motor Performance model will sprint from 0-60 in just 3.5 seconds. If you select the Performance Upgrade option, you’ll get a 10mph top speed increase from 145 to 155, lowered suspension, an unspecified performance brake upgrade, aluminum pedal pads, and larger 21" Überturbine wheels (as pictured above). If you select this option, however, Tesla says your range will drop to 280 miles thanks to the extra rotational mass and stickier tires.

In the case of the Model 3, both the Performance and Long Range models achieve the same 322 mile range, so while the EPA hasn’t rated a Model Y Long Range yet it’s safe to assume it will be around the same 315 miles.

I’m not particularly partial to crossovers, but I must say that the Model Y looks mostly like a tall sedan, which is plenty okay by me. And those Überturbines sure look the business. How long until it starts running at the Nordschleife?

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