The 2021 Genesis GV80's Pricing Just Might Give It A Chance

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The 2021 Genesis GV80, a luxury SUV/crossover thing that was unveiled earlier this month, might low-key be the best luxury SUV on the market by the time it reaches customers sometime this year. Now we know how much it’ll cost, a number that on paper suggests it’ll be able to more than compete with cars like the Mercedes GLE or BMW X5, though price won’t be the only factor.


According to Car and Driver, the base, rear-wheel drive, inline-four version of the GV80 will start at $50,000, while the V6, all-wheel drive version will start at $65,000. Compare those numbers to the GLE’s starting price of $54,250, while the X5's is $58,900. The GV80 numbers aren’t official, keep in mind, but I would trust Car and Driver’s source and they do track with Genesis’s overall strategy.

Price, though, isn’t everything, of course, since a lot of people will lease this thing, and if Genesis doesn’t offer lease deals competitive with the likes of BMW, Mercedes, Audi, and Volvo, it will struggle. That’s also coupled with the fact that we haven’t heard the best things about Genesis dealerships, in addition to the not-small matter of nailing the final build execution.

But all of that said, Genesis is generally on the right track. The power numbers, if you’re wondering, are likely to be 290 horsepower for the four-cylinder, again per C&D, and 375 horsepower for the V6, with both versions using an 8-speed automatic. Genesis is at least giving themselves a chance with these numbers and these prices; we’ll see if they can follow through on the rest.

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