The 2020 Toyota Supra Looks So Damn Good With A Massive Wing

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Screenshot: Vossen (Instagram)

There hasn’t been a more obvious oversight in automotive design lately than the 2020 Toyota Supra not coming with the giant curved wing that made the fourth-generation car an icon. But when these mistakes happen, there’s always the aftermarket to step in and do what’s right.

We’ve already seen renders of what a 2020 Supra styled more like the Mk4 car would look like, but tune shop Kanoo Performance located in Bahrain has made some waves by apparently actually fitting a Big Fucking Wing to a car, and it looks fantastic:


While this obviously isn’t a great shot, as Kanoo is more concerned about the advertising their performance work on the car and not so much the aesthetics, the blue Supra is also wearing 20-inch Vossen wheels, and Vossen posted some much better photos of the car:


That’s what I’m talking about. The wing is apparently mounted to the trunk lid so it can still open, and the car also appears to be modified with some carbon kit including a front splitter, side skirts, and some aero adornments on either side of the rear. But it’s that BFW that really stands out and sells the look.

In fact, it looks so good it almost feels like Toyota designed the car with a wing in mind, so maybe the automaker itself has plans for a hot version of the car with the iconic look. Or maybe not! The TRD concept car from Toyota only had a little lip spoiler. I imagine there’s about a million custom shops and suppliers working on kits including Mk4 style wings, though. If you own one, you have no excuse.


Now who is going to put a manual in one?

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