The 2020 Nissan 370Z Anniversary Edition Will Set You Back at Least $32,690

For some inexplicable reason, the Nissan 370Z still exists. Not that I’m complaining—it’s one of the last few sports cars that you can get nowadays with a naturally aspirated motor, rear-drive and a six-speed manual. No, what I’m taking issue with is how much a car from 2009 costs. Especially the special edition anniversary one.

We first laid eyes on the 50th Anniversary Edition Nissan 370Z at this year’s New York Auto Show. It has incredible BRE throwback livery—a reminder of the famous Datsun race cars of the late 1960s and early 1970s—in either white with red stripes or silver with black stripes. Plus, the wheels have sweet red accents and there are “50th Anniversary” badges.


How much extra is the anniversary edition 370Z? Well, it’s $2,600 above the price of the 2020 370Z, which starts at $30,090 according to Nissan in a press release. This means that the ancient Z with some nice stripes will set you back $32,690.

Yes, that is for a car that probably should have been replaced five years ago by something better and more modern. Instead, it’s old tech that’s still being sold at contemporary prices. The anniversary edition 370Z is a nice idea, but it also serves as a sore reminder of how we didn’t get a new Z for the 50th birthday of the famed sports car this year.

There’s no doubt that the 370Zs are cool and look great, but there’s also no reason to buy one. Especially not when newer models like the Ford Mustang exist. Or that you could just pick up a used 370Z from 2012 or something and have basically the same car.

Below, you can see Nissan’s pricing information for the different versions of the 2020 370Z:

Screenshot: NIssan

If you’re in the mood for a nuclear take, I have one for you: The anniversary edition Z shouldn’t cost anything extra. It should just be a version that you can buy at no extra charge as a thank you from Nissan for sticking by the 370Z during all this time. Kind of like a loyalty reward.

Who is buying a brand-new 370Z? Please sound off if you are.

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