The 2020 Jeep Gladiator's Roof Comes Off in a Few Easy Moves

Video: David Tracy
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The 2020 Jeep Gladiator is the first official Jeep pickup truck to exist in a long time, which is cool, but it may well be the first mass-produced non-military convertible pickup truck to be sold in America ever. Here’s a very quick demo of how easy its ragtop is to use.

People usually want to cut straight to “off-road abilities” when discussing the Wrangler’s best attributes, but I think the fact that it’s a practical four-door convertible might be its best feature. I’m stoked that Jeep kept that essential piece of functionality when the new JL Wrangler design was ported over to the JT Gladiator’s pickup truck body.


What’s more, you can actually take just the back window out of the soft top Gladiator and run with the roof in place, safari style, as demonstrated by Jeep design boss Mark Allen here. And when the top part of the roof is folded down, it doesn’t impinge on the cargo bed. The windshield still comes off, too.

David Tracy got a chance to ride in the Gladiator with the top down.

We all have fond memories of the Dodge Dakota convertible, or maybe we don’t, since a lot of us have never seen one, but either way I think this Jeep truck is going to be a much better open air stuff-hauler.

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