The 2020 Honda Fit Is What We Deserve

The American market 2020 Honda Fit
Photo: Honda

Honda debuted the fourth-generation Fit in Tokyo this year. It looks fine. The car will be available to customers in Japan in February. In the States, we are also getting a 2020 Fit. It won’t be the shiny new one, though.

The Japanese market version of the 2020 Fit
Photo: Honda

Instead, we’ll be getting another year of the third-generation car, the one that’s been here since 2014. Honda issued a press release announcing as much last week, saying that it would be in showrooms here today, which isn’t surprising since this is the same car as the 2019, but made more recently.

Honda has not said if the Fit we saw in Tokyo will actually make it to America, but in years past it has introduced new Fits abroad before bringing them here the following model year. And so it would not be surprising if Honda was going to follow the same game plan.

It would also not be surprising if the Fit never came here at all. Despite being the best car in its segment, and certainly the best-selling car in its segment the Fit is a small piece of the pie for Honda in a land where everyone prefers SUVs and trucks. (I worked through some of the math in this post.) The Fit also originally came here to fill a Civic Hatchback-sized void, but now there’s one of those, too, and with better gas mileage.

All of which is what we deserve, but it doesn’t have to be like this. Go have a look at the Fit page on Honda’s Japan website. All five versions of the new generation look delightful.

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