The 2020 Corvette Interior: That Is a Lot of Buttons

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If you would like to see a borderline hilarious amount of buttons, look no further than this early leaked image of the 2020 Corvette’s interior.


Friend of Jalopnik (and sometimes C8 newsbreaker here) Bozi Tatarevic dropped the pic onto the platform that definitely pays you for doing so, Twitter:

This being the mid-engine Corvette and all about TECH and TECHNOLOGY and HIGH-TECH TECHNOLOGICAL TECHNOLOGY, it is requisite that the car has not only a tablet at eye level but also buttons! so many buttons! buttons upon buttons!

Our own Mike Ballaban did a rough count to get to 20 buttons, which you definitely need. I am sure, if I think very hard, it would be possible for me to think of 20 different things I would need to do in a car that would necessitate having their own buttons, such as windshield washer fluid deployment, or perhaps Night Mode except all the controls blink red like a submarine now.



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