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You all saw it on Tuesday. Then you saw it again early on Wednesday morning in your nightmares. Then in your daymares. And now you’re just living every hour in terror as the 2020 Chevy Silverado HD’s grille taunts you. But there’s good news, because Chevy unveiled a range-topping High Country version of the truck with a grille that appears less determined to eat you.


The LT trim shown in Wednesday’s nightmarish blog had quite the Trypophobia-triggering face on it. I’ve pasted it below for those of you who took hard medicine to erase the memories, or for whomever somehow got their hands on one of those Men in Black Neuralyzers:

Before you get mad at me for bringing you back into a world where the Chevy Silverado HD’s face looks like, well, that, I have good news: Not all Silverado HDs will come with the huge grille of death.

Chevy says there will be five trims for the truck: Work Truck, Custom, LT, LTZ and High Country, each of which will have distinct exterior features. That means the pickups will have either the giant bar that says CHEVROLET as shown above, or a bar with a bowtie as shown below. And the grilles will get “a mix of black, body color, chrome or the two-tone metallic trim exclusive to High Country models.”


The High Country, show below, gets a grille that—along with the lights—still makes the truck look pretty pissed off, but at least it doesn’t appear to want to consume human souls. Well at least, not as badly:


The rear end looks similar to that of the LT, which is to say, it looks fine, and has a nice stamped tailgate like the 1500 does, and like the truck gods intended:


Is it possible Chevy put out the High Country pics yesterday to mitigate this controversy? I can’t say for sure, but I also wouldn’t be surprised. But now we’ve had a look at what the Silverado HD LT and High Country models will look like. GM says Work Truck, Custom, and LTZ will show their faces closer to launch, which will be sometime mid-2019.

Between the LT’s demon grille and the High Country’s horizontal bar-with-bowtie grille, I’m hoping the other trims lean more towards the latter.

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