The 2020 Cadillac CT6 Will Go out With a Bargain

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The Cadillac CT6 has officially been canceled, as we learned last year. Production ended at the beginning of this month, but there are still the 2020 model-year cars to roll out. And they look like they’ll be fairly good deals.


A new report from CarsDirect, which got a look at the 2020 CT6's order guide, asserts that the base model CT6s will be dropped for the 2020 model year. That means that after this year, you will no longer be able to get it with the two- and three-liter turbocharged engines.

Instead, there will only be three all-wheel drive trims you can choose from—Luxury, Premium Luxury and Platinum—and two engine choices: The 3.6-liter V6 and the 4.2-liter, twin-turbocharged V8 Blackwing. Only the Platinum will have the Blackwing engine, though.

The 2020 Luxury trim is will start at $59,990, which is $3,500 more expensive than the 2019 model year because Cadillac went ahead and baked in the $3,500-option Driver Awareness and Convenience Packages, which, who doesn’t love “convenience,” right guys?

The CT6 Premium Luxury will cost $75,490, which is $11,900 more expensive than this year’s MSRP of $63,590, but that’s because, according to a Cadillac spokesperson, things like Super Cruise will be standard. The trim will also include the Rear Seat Package, the Comfort & Technology Package and the fancy Panaray sound system.


And who doesn’t love “comfort” but also “technology,” right, guys????

I built out a 2019 Cadillac CT6 Premium Luxury with all of those features on Cadillac’s site and the final price came out to $76,490. So, there actually are some savings, despite the really fancy options.


And finally, the range-topping CT6 Platinum, the one with the Blackwing engine we’re all looking forward to, will start at $97,490, which is $700 more than it was previously. But, as the spokesperson also point out, the 20-inch wheels are now included, which were a $700 option. Plus, you get the Blackwing! The V6s in the CT6s were nice, but I’d always felt that it needed a V8. And soon it’ll get one.


Look, the CT6 is a dead car walking. But for its last model year of sales, Cadillac seems to have dropped the prices a bit in order to entice buyers. They’re not cheap cheap. But they are less than the 2019s. If you’ve been thinking about one but haven’t pulled the trigger yet, then maybe your time is soon.

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