The 2019 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro Gets A Goddamned Snorkel

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Toyota has coyly confirmed there will be “new” 2019 TRD Pro off-road models, plural, teasing this picture of a Tacoma with a factory snorkel(!) and implying that the 4Runner and/or Tundra will get some new off-road goodies soon as well. As ever, I’m tentatively intrigued.

The current Toyota Tacoma, 4Runner and Tundra are all great 4x4s, if a little overrated and most definitely overvalued. The TRD Pro versions offer solid suspension upgrades and cool aesthetic accents which, again, you pay a lot for but I won’t claim they’re not cool.

We tossed the current Tundra TRD Pro off some dunes at Pismo and had a riot, after all. And you can’t beat that disappearing rear window.


Anyway, all Toyota’s new teaser picture tells us is that it looks like the Tacoma’s body style will remain the same, but now that anemic V6 can suck air through a skyward straw for style points.

Here’s hoping the company offers a power boost and extended breathers for the rear axle and any other slots that could suck in water to go along with that snorkel.