The 2019 Lexus ES Isn’t Your Dad’s Lexus

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Now that the GS is pretty much dead, the all-new 2019 Lexus ES sedan will likely take its place. Lexus revealed only a photo of it yesterday, so we don’t have many more details just yet.


Mostly likely, the new ES will ride on Toyota’s new TNGA platform, which underpins the new Avalon, Corolla and Prius. Autoblog believes that the car will be a front-wheel drive family sedan, unlike the sporty rear-wheel drive GS.

Here is a video:

While that makes me sad, I do think the new ES looks pretty sleek. The Predator-grille is still there, of course, but its face looks like it’s halfway through being warped through a wormhole. When I drive it, I will be one with the c o s m o s.

Hopefully what’s under the hood will also include an optional something something with eight cylinders and two turbochargers.

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The Dummy Gummy

I’m always impressed by Toyota’s ability in finding ways to make that grill uglier each iteration.