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Without a doubt, the best part of Forza Horizon games is crashing around off-road in a bigass truck. You earn points, it’s fun and it’s easily the fastest way around the map. And now that we’ve just learned that the 2019 Ford Ranger Raptor is going to be in Forza Horizon 4, I have only one question: Is there any point to having other cars in the game anymore?


Revealed yesterday at Gamescon, a gaming festival in Germany, Ford and Microsoft announced that the new truck will be featured in the upcoming video game, which is set in the United Kingdom.


Based on my experiences in Forza Horizon 3, the best cars to drive were the leapy off-roaders. If you had to use a normal Ferrari for anything, you were going to have a bad time. Based on what I’ve read about the Ranger Raptor, the thing delights in being flung around in the dirt. I see no reason to drive any other car in the game.

And since this is a video game, you can throw it around without worrying about breaking anything. Everybody wins!

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