If you’re a hipster, college professor and/or member of the British aristocracy in the market for a six-figure luxury grand tourer, you’ll be thrilled to hear that the 2019 Bentley Continental GT will be available with your favorite material: Tweed.

My colleague recently drove the hard-top 2019 Bentley Continental GT and called it “Better Than Owning a Nice House and Just As Expensive.” High praise for a car that did not, at the time, contain even the slightest amount of tweed, that most British of fabrics, known the world round for being the cloth of choice for ever professorial jacket, elbow-patched so that you have more time to ponder the spread of allspice in post-colonial cuisine, or whatever.

Photos: Bentley

In any case, the convertible version is out, and its electric folding roof can be had in seven different fabric colors, including tweed. Let’s have a look at that fine material.

Could this be more British? It’s possible that it could be made from raver pants taken from a London nightclub, or from recycled packaging scavenged from a cheeky Nando’s. I doubt, however, that those would sell quite as well to foreigners looking for that quintessential UK experience:

Other features for the 626 horsepower, 6.0-liter W12-powered convertible include a “seamlessly integrated” neck warmer, which is apparently warmer and less noisy than the one in the old generation convertible car. Here’s a look at the gorgeous interior, and those head cushions that house those collar warmers:


Since we’re looking at the inside, let’s gander at that 12.3-inch screen, which can rotate to show what appears to be just an extensions of the dashboard, or it can rotate to show three analog dials—a chronometer, a compass, and a thermometer:


Bentley says its new “Z-fold” roof system is an improvement in terms of packaging and noise. In fact, the company says that this mechanism, along with various sound deadening and sealing measures, makes the car’s interior as quiet as that of the last-gen Continental GT Coupe. All the better for listening to your favorite Giggs tape, I guess.


But really, we just care about the tweed. We need more tweed.

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