The Ford Fiesta ST is one of our most beloved hot hatches, which makes sense because it is Small and Quick and Good. Now Ford is attempting to make it even Gooder, with an all-new ST based on the seventh-generation Fiesta that is less small than before but promises to be even better. Also, it’s down to three cylinders instead of four.

Today Ford unveiled the hot version of the new Fiesta, which will be the automaker’s headliner at the Geneva Motor Show next month. It’s important to note what you’re reading is the Euro-spec version of the car. We’re not entirely sure if we’re getting a power bump with our FiST yet, as so far all we’ve got are the European specifications. (Also, if you think the U.S. is getting this cool three-door body, I have a bridge to sell you.)


The big news here is that the FiST loses the 1.6-liter turbo four in favor of a smaller, more efficient 1.5-liter three-cylinder turbo. In Europe that means the FiST gets a power bump from 182 horsepower up to a full 197 horsepower, which is actually what we get in the U.S. already with our current car.

But inside, it gets new seats to replace the ones that were very uncomfortable before, a new steering wheel, a bunch of new materials, and artificial noise pumped in through the speakers. Which you wouldn’t need if you just tuned the exhaust properly, as the Fiat 500 Abarth teaches us.


As the UK’s Autocar notes, other goodies include torque vectoring, new Sync 3, three driving modes and a completely retuned chassis from the standard Fiesta. It is bigger, with a wider track.

I do hope they haven’t tweaked it too much, as the FiST is an outstanding car to drive, with monumental grip and supreme chuckability. Even if they have gone and made it look worse with the guppy face now.

The question is, will we Americans get it, and if so what will its American specs be? The future of the Fiesta here seems a bit unclear as buyers shift to larger crossovers and trucks. Maybe if we’re lucky, they’ll just give us this one. It’s the only Fiesta we want.