I really, really love the new Mercedes E-Class. It’s easily the most mature rung on the ladder towards the S-Class, and quite possibly the most accessibly comfortable car in the brand’s lineup. The new Mercedes-AMG E43, the “sportier” E-Class, might just be the best all-around Mercedes money can buy.


AMG is now basically just a label for Mercedes to slap on its top-tier packaged vanilla cars. Seriously, What The Fuck Even Is Mercedes-AMG Now? First the new premium level C-Class got the new Mercedes-AMG double-team nomenclature, and now the top-tier vanilla E-Class is getting the same treatment. Meet the new Mercedes-AMG E43, or basically the most expensive the normal E-Class can get without throwing comfort out of the window.

So what exactly sets this new E43 apart from the current 241 hp turbo-four entry level E300? Well, a fair chunk of power. It has a twin-turbo V6 spooling out 396 hp—because an even 400 hp would be too far. It’s stilled geared up to a 9-speed auto, AWD that’s more friendly with the back tires, and touts a smooth 0 to 60 time of a claimed 4.5 seconds.

Of course it’s still an E-Class, coming with a slew of standard and optional safety features, display screens out the wazoo, an ability to essentially drive itself on the highway, and a new way of communicating with other Mercedes motorists as well as the infrastructure around the vehicle—overall taking care of business. The E43's additional 155 hp over the E300 mixes business with pleasure. The Mercedes-AMG E43 is a mullet. A classy mullet.


And that just might make it the best Mercedes money can buy.


We’ll see the E43 up close at the upcoming New York Auto Show.


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