The 2018 Lincoln Navigator Concept: This Is It But Why?

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Everybody. Everybody! Calm down. Let’s try and take this seriously. This is Lincoln’s big surprise for the New York Auto Show... this Navigator concept with gull-wing doors large enough to make a pterodactyl jealous. What have they done? Oh my, oh my; what have they done?

Thankfully the stupid doors are for show only and won’t be making it to the production model according to Lincoln president Kumar Galhorta, via Autoblog.


If you can pull your eyes away from the unsightliness above for a moment, I can inform you that the Navigator concept packs a 3.5 liter EcoBoost engine worth 400 hp. The next Navigator will also come on a shiny new chassis, and apparently the overall design—fortunately sans gull-wing doors—is said to be a strong preview of what Lincoln plans for its Navigator, which is basically a Continental SUV.

The concept also previews Ford’s emerging semi-autonomous tech, featuring lane-keeping assist, pedestrian detection, pre-collission assist, automatic braking wired to radar and camera sensors, and a 360 degree camera—all of which are likely to appear on the production model.

I just can’t clear my head with that photo up there. I just stare at it trying to figure out what the hell is happening—those steps; how tall the doors go; how ginormous the openings are—so here are more shots to try and snap you out of it.


What in the.

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