The 2017 Ford Escape Is An Extension Of Your Smartphone

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The 2017 Ford Escape has been completely redesigned with new engines and a new look. But the vehicle’s built around driver-aiding technology, and in particular, your phone.

The new Escape will be the first Ford to feature “SYNC Connect;” an optional interface that links your phone with your car via an app. SYNC Connect lets you start the car, schedule starts for your car (morning commute?) lock and unlock. You’ll also be able to read tire pressure, battery power level, how much gas you’ve got left, and put your car on a map in case you’ve lost it in a parking lot. All from your phone.


In the future, phones will all be the size of iPads and you’ll just dock it into a four-wheeled mobile room to move it around and take you to work. Probably. And this setup is one step closer.

The Escape has a suite of what’s now considered more traditional driver-aid tech too; lanekeeping, forward collision warning, self-parking.


For the few times you’ll have to drive the car yourself, you can enjoy a 1.5 liter four-cylinder EcoBoost or an optional 2.0. Both come with a six-speed automatic transmission and, for reasons we can’t hope to understand, paddle shifters on the fancier trims.


The new hexagonal grille reminds me of the face of the current Ford Ranger and Everest 4x4s sold internationally. Looks great, if you care what I think.

Inside Ford promises more charging ports and storage shelves for, you guessed it, phones. Look for the new Escape at your local Best Buy sometime next year. Just kidding but, maybe the next one.


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