The 2016 Mercedes GLC Off-Road Video Is Even Funnier Than You Think

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The 2016 Mercedes-Benz GLC sure looks like a tidy little car, but to appeal to Americans it’s gotta have an “off-road mode,” amirite? Well you’re welcome to try it. If you want to turn your luxury crossover into this unbridled see-saw from hell! Good try little guy.


Alternate headline: Weee! Ouch.

I guess on some level, it’s impressive that this big hatchback can be forced across uneven terrain but somebody’s got to tell Mercedes getting wheels off the ground is generally not a desirable or impressive posture on the trail.

We found this video on some random YouTube channel car but I have to imagine it came from Mercedes in the first place. I’m not as sure about why they put it on the internet but I’m totally glad they did.


Hehehe. If anyone needs me I’ll be watching that with Project Pat on blast.

Hat tip to Antony! Project Pat gif by Raphael Orlove, obviously.

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Loping Camshaft

Not sure what’s so funny about it?

Obviously off-road performance and suspension travel is not it’s primary goal, but it covered that ground better than most crossovers. The traction control seemed to do a pretty good job of eliminating wheel slip.

I’m guessing that A) Mercedes had to justify building a tall hatchback and B) they already had the traction control dialed in from other projects, so why not throw it in?

Of course nobody is buying these to off road in, but that’s the case with the VAST majority of SUV and crossovers anyway.