For 2016, Honda is adding more aggressive styling to its wonderful little do-it-all, the CB500F. It now gets LEDs front and rear, along with a shorter exhaust can that’s said to be better sounding.

The updates are relatively mild, but take an already very good bike and make it that much more aesthetically appealing. Plastics get a little edgier, the engine gets bronze-colored covers and that giant, chrome exhaust is replaced with something a little less curiously retro looking.

Oh, and the fork gets preload adjustment, which is nice.

Just for purposed of comparison, this is what the old model looked like:


The CB500F is is purpose-made to provide a fun, affordable, efficient bike that’s compliant with Europe’s A2 licensing tier for neophyte riders. That makes it a great first bike or a nice budget commuter for any rider.

The 2015 model retails for a very reasonable $5,799. Let’s hope Honda’s able to keep the price close to that.



Wes Siler is a reformed motorcycle journalist who now writes about going camping with his dog on IndefinitelyWild.