The 2016 Ford Focus RS Could Have FWD EcoBoost Mustang Power

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It is becoming more and more clear that a new Ford Focus RS is coming soon. Camouflaged prototypes of what appears to be a hotted-up Focus ST have been spotted doing track testing. According to the latest reports, the same engine that powers the upcoming 2015 Mustang EcoBoost. So much for that five-cylinder.

MotorAuthority and other sources report that the 2016 Focus RS will likely have the new Mustang's 2.3-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine. We still don't know exactly how much power it will have in the 'Stang, but the RS could have somewhere in the neighborhood of 330 horsepower.

The last Focus RS was a front-drive demon of a car, powered by a Volvo-sourced turbocharged five-cylinder engine putting out 305 horsepower or more depending on the model. It was never sold in the U.S., although some did make their way to Canada and Mexico, which is how Matt got to drive one in Texas.


And for those of you hoping the new RS will go all-wheel drive, forget about it. The latest word is that, like its predecessor, power will remain directed at the front wheels. I'm actually fine with that. It's what gave the old RS so much character.

The last question that remains is this: Will it be sold in the U.S.? Can Ford make a business case for such a powerful hatch in our neck of the woods? I certainly hope so. This country has gone RS-less for far too long.