Our lord and savior, the Scion FR-S, is receiving a makeover for 2015 that will make it totally different from every other FR-S. And by "totally different" we mean it has a new antenna on the roof and different exhaust tips. They've also made it more dynamic. So that's good.

It's time for a mid-model refresh of the FR-S and Scion has gone for the old automotive maxim of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." What that means is that the new FR-S has a shark fin antenna up top for improved aerodynamics (because the old antenna was making top speed runs a real chore) and flush exhaust tips out back because the people want different exhaust tips, apparently.

Underneath, the front suspension is stiffer and the rear shocks have been returned for "less body roll and a more communicative driving experience." Sounds far more dynamic.


The interior now has auto headlights and a "carbon fiber look."

File this under the most boring update ever, which is a good thing, because the car was just fine as it was.

Pricing is also different, but in a good way. The manual version of the car is $200 more $355 less (Math is weird) at $24,900 and the automatic version of the car is $26,000 but you shouldn't buy that because why would you?