The scandal known as "2015 Ford Mustang Weightgate" is over. Thanks to a Ford dealer in Florida who exclusively supplied Jalopnik with the 2015 Mustang's Dealer Source Book, we know the actual weight of every model of the new 'Stang.


The information comes to us from dealer and longtime reader Joe Zahradnik, aka "Joe Z", of Wayne Akers Ford in West Palm Beach. We have emails in to Ford to confirm this info, but based on the Source Book it all appears legit. (Joe can be reached here if you want to buy a Mustang from him.)

The good news is that it's gained a lot less weight than we thought it would based on the claims made by tuner Steeda, who may or may not have actually weighed the car — less than 100 pounds across the board.

That's 3,704 pounds for the manual GT Fastback, the model of Mustang you know we all really care about. The manual V6 Fastback weighs in at 3,526 pounds, and the 2.3-liter turbo EcoBoost Fastback comes in at 3,517 with a stick. The EcoBoost is the lightweight of the bunch.


By contrast, here are the weight specs on the outgoing 2014 Mustang straight from Ford's website. (There's no EcoBoost model to compare it to there because that one's new, obviously.)


Clearly, the Mustang's weight gain is pretty minimal compared to the old car, only about 20 to 80 pounds or so depending on the model. And with the addition of an independent rear suspension it's also more than likely going to be the superior handler.


The downside to this revelation? We still don't know how much power it has. It's listed as "TBD" in the Source Book.

We're still going through that document and will update this post if we find anything interesting.

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