The 2015 Hyundai Genesis Gets All The Gadgets

The 2015 Hyundai Genesis is almost here, but while waiting, it's worth checking out what it will have to offer up against the German and Japanese competition. It's time to look under the hood.


The 2015 Genesis is a big leap forward from the current model, and Hyundai wants to make an impression. We like the new car's exterior, and that's a start, but now we also know what they spent that $472 million on during development: Lots of gadgets and an analog clock.

The Mercedes S-Class has one, Maserati's have one, so Korea gives you one too.

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Apart from the choice of V6 and V8 engines linked to Hyundai's new 10-speed automatic, the 2015 Genesis will also have an infotainment system that's fully linked to your smartphone, and the following technologies...

Head-up display:

A trunk that knows when your hands are full:

Lots of sensors looking around:

Active cruise control:

Business-class seats:

Automatic parking:

A third eye on the road:

And an optional all-wheel drive system that can even take on the Nürburgring, apparently:

These technologies are not new, in fact you can get most of them in a hatchback nowadays, but if the price is right, the Genesis can be America's Škoda Superb.


Affordable luxury is a very popular business model.

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Ummmm the current Genesis is $35,200 SRP in its base configuration??!? $35K+ for a goddamn Hyundai? LMFAO! Give me one good reason why anyone would purchase this over a base model:

Mercedes Benz CLA (SRP $29,900)
BMW 320i (SRP $32,750)
Audi A4 (SRP $33,800)
Cadillac ATS ($33, 065)

These are all cars that have a better performance pedigree and more prestigious (because lets face it, $30,000 isn't exactly cheap), all while being cheaper.