The 2016 Ford Focus RS Is A Crazy Sliding Beast And Will Warp Your Brain

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Great Odin's Raven. This is the 2016 Ford Focus RS sliding around Belgium and the USA. THE USA. And get ready, because we'll see it in the flesh in just two weeks. GAHHHHHHHHHHH.

For a teaser video, this actually shows off quite a lot of the car. What can we tell? Well, Ford has made it far more aggressive looking than even the ST, with bigger wings, bigger wheels and tires, bigger ducts, bigger vents, and bigger balls required to drive it.

The video is short on tech details, but what we can tell is that the RS has a propensity for sliding tom foolery. Now, does that mean it's all-wheel drive? Some of us think so, while others think that it has one of Ford's famously complicated front diffs, like the RevoKnuckle, that enable sliding that a front wheel drive car shouldn't be able to do. And with power that is expected to be north of 300, it'll definitely need a trick diff, or else it'll be breaking your arms under acceleration.

It should also be noted that the driver here is none other than Kenneth Blockenstein. We're sure of this because he instagrammed it, and Instagram is the blog of public record.


We'll know for sure on February 3, because that's the day Ford has chosen to unveil the rally monster to the world.