The 2015 Acura TLX Will Be 'Tidier And Emotional'

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Acura is killing off the TL and fully acceptable TSX in favor of the 2015 TLX, completing a triple-X lineup that includes the ILX and the RLX. They're also describing this sedan with a bunch of buzzwords that make me think Acura still doesn't know what the hell they're talking about anymore.


We don't know what the TLX looks like but a prototype is scheduled to debut at the auto show in Detroit in a few weeks — unless it leaks beforehand. Maybe it'll be an Accord with more LEDs. But the press release describes it as:

more emotional

tidier, sports sedan proportions

more athletic

the perfect blend of style and muscle


elegant, well-proportioned

"Tidier" isn't the first thing I think of when it comes to performance luxury, but if you say so, Acura.

However, the TLX will have a few new powertrain options, including two new direct-injection engines with either front- or all-wheel-drive. No word on transmission options — Acura just says they're "advanced."

Everyone gives Acura a lot of shit for selling expensive Accords and Civics but I drove the ILX a few months ago and it wasn't bad. I also had an MDX for a weekend and for that type of crossover in its segment, it was surprisingly good. They're heading in the right direction, but they can't afford to screw up a midsize sedan. So here's hoping they don't.


Will it wagon? Also, if it will wagon, will it AWD? Sorry, I live in Buffalo, and about the only way Acura will get me to buy an Acura is by producing an AWD wagon. Hopefully with a turbo and a 7 speed non-CVT automatic.

But let's be real, they'll manage to make this thing look worse than Subaru's new WRX, stuff an anemic 4 NA cylinder in it and toss a CVT in there for good measure.