The 2014 Jalopnik Gift Guide: The Ten Best Items For Looking Good

Now that you've got the best video games, movies, and books money could buy, you must be supremely cultured. But if you're going to truly be a worldly person, you've got to look the part. Or at least have a well-fitting flame-resistant race suit.


Pagnol M1 Motorcycle Jacket

There are, broadly speaking, two types of motorcycle apparel. The first is the type that isn't actually motorcycle apparel at all, and just helps you look good. You'll look very good, in fact, when the local paramedics need to use a spatula to get you off the side of the road. The other type of motorcycle apparel is the one that actually helps you live should you have your inevitable crash, but you look like a big dork. This jacket miraculously provides reasonable protection without a horrific aesthetic, to the point where I don't even ride motorcycles, and I'd consider getting it. ($649)

Fratelli Orsini Driving Gloves


Fancy yourself a right proper lady or gentleman, in your old Jaguar XK120? Not until you've got a right proper set of driving gloves, like these handmade Italian ones from Fratelli Orsini. The gloves are mostly for grip, not for warmth, which explains all the holes in them. Yes, there are holes. Philistine. ($125.95)

J. Crew Women's Silk Driving Scarf


If you want to drive through the countryside in your exquisite British roadster, but your deerskin driving gloves aren't exactly the warmest item in the world, check out this silk driving scarf. You'll be Grace Kelly in no time. ($58.00)

OMP One Evo Race Suit


If you want something a bit more serious than driving gloves and jackets and scarves, you're going to need some serious gear. Travis, who does much racing, says that if you're going to start racing you're going to need a race suit. Furthermore, OMPs are pretty nice. Plus it's in a slim cut, so you won't look like a potato. Like you normally do. ($1,699)

Bell M4 SA2010 Racing Helmet


There's little point in going racing at all if you don't wear a helmet. I'm a huge fan of the old-school look, at this model by Bell has been updated to meet modern regulations. Plus it's pre-drilled for a HANS device, which is always smart. ($399.95)

Alpine Stars 2014 Tech 1-Z Racing Gloves


Deerskin gloves are great on a drive through the countryside. Less so for when you're stuck in an enclosed cockpit and everything's on fire and you really wish you could use your hands right now for undoing that race harness, except for, you know, your hands being on fire. To make sure your hands stay safe and not too toasty-warm, grab some proper Nomex race gloves. ($129.95)

Alpine Stars Tech 1-T Racing Shoes


Getting out of your car with your belt all undone would be great, except for the fact that you forgot to buy proper racing shoes so now you have no feet. Avoid your de-footed future existence with a pair of these, which are Nomex-lined. ($249.95)

Puma Future Cat S1 Overtake


Want all the strange streamlined aesthetics of racing shoes, but still like the danger of walking away from a fiery crash with your feet possessing a nicely roasted scent? Try on a pair of these, weirdo. No Nomex here, but there's plenty of leather, and brown always looks good. They should be narrow, too, which will help while you learn how to heel-and-toe. ($90)

A Good Car T-Shirt


You don't have to put on fancy shoes to let the world know you like cars. You can actually throw on a reasonably stylish shirt, like this Baja Bug from Curb. Make sure to check out the good people over at Blipshift, too, as they've always got great designs. Even if the Baja Bug is rolled. ($15-$28).

A Hat


Unlike your friend, who is all toasty-warm in the raging inferno that was their rally car, being a spectator can be quite cold. That's why I recommend a hat when watching winter racing. I've been rocking this all-wool cable-knit beanie from Goorin Brothers for a few days now, and it's been plenty warm. ($48)

Got any more fashionable suggestions? Leave them in the comments below!

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