Illustration for article titled The 2014 Honda Accord Plug-In Looks Like It Had Bad Facial Reconstruction Surgery

Have you ever seen those people that got in a fight with a chimp and then get a face transplant? You know the ones. They have a face, but it really isn't quite right and not totally a face.

Well, it looks like Honda called one of those French doctors that transplanted said faces and had them work on the Accord Plug-In Hybrid. Honda: We (and by 'we' we mean 'the world') are collectively bleeding from our eyes right now.


So yeah, this car is what a polite person would call facially deficient. A rude person would call it fucking gross.

Now, we're not against interesting designs, in fact, we encourage them. But there's a point where "interesting" becomes "hideous." Honda found that point with the Accord Plug-In. The blue winglets, the melted looking grill, my vomit all over the hood... it just can't appeal to anyone. And we all know blind people aren't the best drivers.

It all adds up to create a car that, to steal a word from our own Jason Torchinsky, looks like a poopsplosion.


Technically, it sounds interesting, maybe. It should achieve 100 MPGe and instead of a horn it's equipped with an appearance that is guaranteed to scare small children and animals out of the way.

Look at this to regain some semblance of eyesight.


Photo Credit: Honda

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