The 2014 Corvette Stingray Does 0 To 60 MPH In Just 3.8 Seconds

We knew the 2014 Corvette Stingray looked great. We knew it was powerful. We knew it would be fast. But now we know exactly how fast: the C7 does the zero to 60 mph dash in a mere 3.8 seconds. That puts it .4 seconds faster than the old Corvette and just .1 seconds slower than the outgoing Z06.


Let me spell that out for you: the base C6 Corvette did it in 4.2, the Grand Sport did it in 3.95, and the hi-po Z06 — which started at $75,600 — did it in 3.7. The zero to 60 time for the new base model car is nothing short of amazing.

Wait, there's more! After rigorous and scientific hoonage at the Virginia International Raceway, Chevrolet has other specs on the new 'Vette, specifically when it's equipped with the Z51 Performance Package and magnetic ride control.

With those options the Stingray does the quarter mile in 12 seconds at 119 mph, brakes from 60 mph to zero in 107 feet, does up to 1.03 G in cornering, and lapped the VIR Grand Course in 2 minutes, 51 seconds.


Not bad. Not bad at all, especially considering the car, as tested here, costs just $56,590. It looks like the new 'Vette will continue the name's proud tradition of offering a great bang for your buck.

I can't wait to see how the amped-up versions like the Z06 and ZR1 turn out.


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