We'd just seen a grainy spy shot as of last week, but now all of the compact new 2013 Volvo V40 is up for our scrutiny.


We're using the word "compact" fairly liberally here, as this five-door hatchback is expected to be just a few inches shy of fifteen feet long. That's about nine inches longer than a five-door Audi A3, and in Volvo terms that's less than an inch shorter than their current V50 station wagon.

We can expect this new V40 to cost about the same as a mid-range A3 or 1-series, neither of which have an abrupt crease on the back doors or a rear end that makes a Subaru Impreza's look normal.

Volvo will give out more information when this thing debuts at the Geneva Motor Show in two weeks. Then we'll know what engines will slot behind that squared-off grill and how much this Swedish/Chinese pseudo-wagon weighs. We'll also find out if Volvo is planning to build any other bodystyles off this platform, like a three-door C30 successor or a four-door S40 replacement.


Photo Credit: motodziennik

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