The 2013 Playboy Playmate Of The Year Gets A Jaguar F-Type, Of Course

The thing about Jaguar you have to respect is that they looked at the Mad Men plot about themselves, laughed, and then said: Well, we still got to sleep with Joan! Thus, your Playboy Playmate of the Year gets a Jaguar F-Type. For free!


Spoiler alert: This was more predictable than Don Draper falling into the hands (and other parts) of a woman other than the one he's supposed to be with. Remember that time we went partying with Playboy model Raquel Pomplun on Jaguar's dime? Yeah, it's her!

Congrats. She's a lovely lady. And can you do any better than a Jaguar F-Type as a reward? In our History of the Cars of Playboy Playmates we determined… not much better (full list here).


You could argue Conni Kreski's 1969 Shelby GT500 fastback has become, over time, the most valuable. India Allen was probably the worst off, having been given a Lamborghini kit car.

An F-Type is lovely and joins a pair of XJ-S coupes and an XJ6 as the fourth Jaguar to be given such an honor.

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