The 2013 Ford Mondeo Is The Sexy Car Lovechild Of Smooth R&B Singers

The 2013 Ford Fusion is one of the finest looking affordable sedans we have seen in years. With styling that can be considered Aston Martin-esque, it's something totally different from what the this sector of the car market has seen before.


But today, Ford introduced the Fusion's European cousin, the Mondeo. Somehow, they made the Fusion even better.

The 2013 Mondeo comes in a number of flavors, including a five door hatchback and wagon. The long sloping roofline of the five door just turns the sexy factor of the Fusion up to 11. Of course, we aren't expected to get either variant here in the states.

There is big news under the hood as well. Ford's 1.0 liter, three cylinder, EcoBoost engine is an option, and the tiniest/cutest in it's class.


But we keep coming back to the looks. Especially in five door guise, the Mondeo just looks sleek, smooth, and sexy. Basically, imagine Toni Braxton and R. Kelly got Sade pregnant and the child was a car. But instead of sexy sounds, it got sexy looks. And look at DAT ASS.

We approve.

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