The 2005 Ford Five Hundred Is A True World Car

The Ford Five Hundred is a machine that draws its styling and engineering from Ford's vast global empire. Can't you tell? Just look at it. This thing is elegance.


Oh, it's safe too. Anything that shares some construction with the prestigious Volvo XC90 has to be.

It even has a larger interior than a Ford Crown Victoria. WOW.

What's even more impressive is the performance. Opt for the hot rod setup (CVT and front-wheel drive, naturally), and the Five Hundred will only need 7.5 seconds to reach a blistering 60 miles per hour.


But that's enough of me writing things about this car. You need to see it in motion to really appreciate its magnificence. Just watch it slalom!

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For Sweden

Better engines, better interior, more attractive, no CVT, lighter materials, and pretty cheap to buy used.

But shh, don't tell anyone the transmissions are made of paper.