The $2.5 Million Bugatti Chiron Comes In Brown And 7 Other Majestic Paint Jobs

The 1,478 horsepower, 4,400 pound, approximately $2.5 million Bugatti Chiron has made a splash in the car scene so big you’d think someone drove it into a lake at 261 mph. But we’ve mostly only seen it in blue, and Bugatti has way more color swatches ready for this baby.


Bugatti attributes the motto “nothing is too expensive, nothing is too beautiful,” to their founder Ettore. And in that spirit they’ll pretty much paint, trim and wrap your car in whatever your wallet desires.

But this set of eight possible paint jobs is our first look at what the car will look like in some different colors. I’m a big fan of that “coffee on carbon fiber” style, or whatever those French-Italian artists decide to call it.

Tell us our favorites and more importantly; come up with some names for these looks that are outrageous as the car!


Images via Bugatti

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