The 1955 Chevy From "Two Lane Blacktop" Is Going To Auction

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Whether you think Monte Hellman's cultish, 1971 road film, "Two Lane Blacktop" is a masterpiece of nuance, or the ultimate WTF moment in cinema, you can own a major piece of it. One of three 1955 Chevy 150s from the film is going to auction.

Bangshift reports the gray-primered '55 is headed to Barrett-Jackson's Scottsdale auction this January.


"Blacktop" is best known for its sparse use of dialog, not-quite-sparse use of cars, and thin, dreamy plot. The film's taciturn protagonists, played by a "Fire and Rain"-era James Taylor and the late drummer from The Beach Boys, Dennis Wilson, travel the country in a very quick 1955 Chevy hustling drag races. Then they meet a blowhard in a 1970 Pontiac GTO Judge (Warren "Color Me Gone, Baby!" Oates), with whom they somehow wind up at odds. A cross-country race for "pinks" sort of happens, but sort of doesn't. Oh, and nearly everyone sleeps with a female hitchhiker who doesn't say much, either (Laurie Bird).

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But the main character is that '55 gasser. Three cars were used for the shoot, including a stunt car and the 427-powered main car, which went on to appear in American Graffiti. This one, the owner says, was the heavily rigged "camera car" used for interior shots, and has been restored to match the main car's on-screen appearance, including its iconic beam-axle front end. The drivetrain has been updated, but matches the original car's setup: a tunnel ram 454, Muncie M-22 "rock crusher" four speed and Oldsmobile 4:88 rear. It's also got the same lightweight bits: fiberglass flip nose, doors and trunk lid, and Lexan windows.

The car comes with documentation including a photo album of the restoration; a certificate of authenticity signed by original builder, Richard Ruth; framed photos from the 1970 shoot, and photos from a recent reunion with James Taylor.


There's no price estimate yet, but for reference, that American Graffiti '55 sold for $25,300 back in 2005, and [edit] this350-powered recreation version is going for $35,000. Real vintage gassers with racing provenance can fetch big money, but it's hard to estimate how much value the cult film will add to this car. Either way, it'll no doubt wind up well-bought and enjoyed by a "Blacktop" fan.

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This was a terrible fucking movie and I have serious doubts that anyone who says otherwise has even seen the film.