The 1933 Napier-Railton Special

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Our favorite part of going to events like the Monterey Historics or the Pebble Beach Concours is seeing cars not only spit shined for static display, but also barreling around a race course. The 1933 Napier-Railton Special was built exclusively to run the Brooklands Motor Course high-banked oval at maximum velocity. In 1939 John Cobb pushed the 24-liter Napier Lion aircraft engine powered Special to a speed of 143.44 mph. This Brooklands outer circuit record stands unbroken today. The Napier-Railton wasn't moving at record speeds when the Brooklands Museum director wrestled the two-ton monster through the corkscrew at Laguna Seca. Then again, the car was never designed to turn right. [Motoring Exhibits via the Brooklands Museum]


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soo only the rear wheels have brakes? albeit DISC brales, but still must be kinda scary to drive. that much power, and only rear [brakes.not] to mention that suspension looks more complex than some of the shit we use on live axels today! CHITTY CHITTY me want to BANG BANG!