We have plenty of famous street circuits in racing, but I’ve never seen anything quite like the 1000 km of Palanga. It’s not just a street course. It’s a course made entirely out of a Lithuanian freeway, complete with off-ramps worked into the course design itself. Take a look at this bizarre race.

The on and off ramps were enough to add some curves into the wacky course design, but they weren’t enough. The long straights of the freeway itself would have been boring if both sides were left as straights, so they added this little chicane towards the end of one straight.

Between the moist conditions and the fact that race cars tend to be a bit rambunctious in their own right, these chicanes looked pretty knackered about halfway through the race.


Still, race cars navigated the strange, tight course with ease, lap after lap, just as they would for any other track.


I’m not sure how anyone’s supposed to pass on the ramps, but they deserve a giant pair of steel Truck Nutz for trying it.


You could even see regular road traffic traveling behind some of the off-ramp parts of the course.

Other parts of the course were wide open—just ignore the white lines.


Need gas? Well, it’s a freeway, Eneos is a title sponsor, and there’s a service station located conveniently off-course.


That looks a whole lot better than the one pump we usually get where there’s usually a long line for $6 a gallon premium fuel when the same gas is almost half that price off-site. Maybe this freeway-based street course isn’t such a bad idea, provided you’re comfortable with the lack of runoff.

Show us: what’s the strangest race course you’ve ever seen?

[H/T Patrick Lindsey]

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