The new Lexus LC 500 isn’t just a new car for the company; it’s a new rear-drive “premium” platform. It does, however, get a very familiar 467-horsepower engine. Besides all that, it looks completely unreal.

This new LC is not based on the lesser Lexus RC coupe, but they do share an engine: Lexus’ 5.0 liter, naturally aspirated V8. The failing of this engine is that it’s a little short on torque for an engine its size, with 389 lb-ft at a rather high 4,800 RPM. That said, it makes a good 467 horsepower, revs up to 7,300 RPM and sounds extremely throaty while doing so.


It’s a high-value engine, and now it’s going in a high-value car. Lexus says this LC 500 will start at just under $100,000, though the world will know it as a six-figure car. A new 10-speed automatic, carbon fiber in the door structure and an optional carbon-fiber roof help justify the price, I suppose.

That and it looks completely wild. In person it really comes across as a beautiful widebody, even with the somewhat abrupt detailing, only just barely changed from the LF-LC concept upon which this production car is based.

The LC 500 will be in showrooms next year, Lexus says.

If it will spawn a new lower-priced BMW/Supra from the new platform remains to be seen.

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