Diesel Power's Truck Olympics: A Salute To Ass-Haulin' And Coal-Rollin'

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So Diesel Power Magazine hosts an absurd(ly entertaining) Olympics of diesel pickups that pits ten heavily modified haulers and their pilots against each other in a series of truckly challenges. There's towing, racing, and more smoke than a five-alarm fire.

2014 marks the tenth Diesel Power Challenge event and included ten competitors; three Ram Cummins trucks, three Chevrolet Duramax rigs and four Fords with Power Stroke engines.


Skip ahead to see the winners if you must; or place your bets on your favorite power plant and get into it!

Day 1: Dyno Contest

In which some 1,800 ft-pounds of torque attack a dyno and turn an entire garage into a hazy gas chamber.

Day 2: Towing Obstacle Course

In which these pickup drivers flex their spacial awareness skills. If you haven't done much towing, I can assure you it's not as easy as it looks.


Day 3: 1/8th Mile Towing Challenge

Has to be the fastest Bobcat of all time.

Day 4: 1/4 Mile Drag Race

For these twelve seconds or less, they're free. But seriously; you won't believe some of these quarter mile times.


Day 5: Sled Pull, And Winners Declared

In which the country comes right out of these boys. Easily my favorite challenge of the event!

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I don't understand why people hate the coalers when every single modded streetcar that's worth looking at, is also bypassing emissions by a whole lot as well. You just can't see it. Sure if the coalers deliberately color laundry black and leave layers of soot on people's property, then go after them, but for emissions, meh.

Why do we even care about emission as long it is outside the cities, people go to lengths to bypass it anyway, even in the cities. Montana plates etc in California. Pre 197*-smog-exempt cars being built into what is essentially a no-rules 2014 guts car with 1000+ hp 500+ ci N/A with fuckall control for emissions, some even with the extra dirty orginal engines. I dont care about it though.

For DD, sure enforce emissions for cities to avoid smog, for outside the cities, fuck it. It is so much better than it has been, so as long as the green oh-so-holy people keep their crusade against everything right and fun, the electric cars will eventually take over DD and we can have emission-exempt cars for fun.