The $1 Million Mercedes Pullman Will Be 21 Feet Of Pure Luxury

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There are some people with discerning tastes and deep, deep pockets who don't just want a little bit of luxury, they want all the luxury. They need 21 feet of luxury. They need $1 million worth of luxury. And the Mercedes S-Class Pullman aims to satisfy their needs.

Mercedes-Benz reportedly plans to revive their storied Pullman marque for a new limousine due out in early 2015, and it will be a mega-long land yacht that is fancier than anything you have ever seen or will see. (Okay, maybe it's not that ridiculous, but it's said to cost $1 million, so it deserves some hyperbole.)


Mercedes has used the Pullman name on and off for decades to describe their extended wheelbase limousine. It's a tradition that dates back to the stunning Mercedes 600 Pullman of the 1960s, a car that became famous as the ride of choice for popes, royals, celebrities, despotic dictators, Bond villains, and other men and women of great import.


Bloomberg Businessweek reports the new Mercedes Pullman S-Class will be longer than a great white shark, have rear seats that face another for in-car business meetings, and will feature optional armored plating to make it resistant to gunfire and small explosives.

A fully tricked out Pullman S-Class will cost twice as much as even the most expensive Rolls-Royce, Bloomberg reports, and about 33 times what a Mercedes CLA costs.


Speaking of that car, analysts say that as Mercedes expands its lineup to include more entry level cars, it's critical to add models at the top so the three-pointed star doesn't lose its luster in the eyes of the elites. And more S-Class models are critical for CEO Dieter Zetsche's goal of overtaking rivals Audi and BMW for profit and deliveries.

I'm buying three of these Pullman S-Classes, so I'm happy to help with that.