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The 1,000-MPH (?) Bloodhound Supersonic Car Can Be Yours for the Price of a New McLaren

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The Bloodhound supersonic car project that’s spent the last decade aiming for a 1,000-mph land record is dead, succumbing to financial burdens after it wasn’t able to get a large enough investment to keep going. That means the supersonic car has to go, and it’s all yours for about the price of a lame, measly supercar.

The choice here is obvious.

Bloodhound driver Andy Green told the BBC last week the car was already up for sale at 250,000 pounds, or $315,422 at current exchange rates—surprisingly the right price to make the next owner a tossup between a millionaire teenager and another group that may keep going after the land-speed record with it.


Regardless, roughly $315,000 will get one wealthy person a land rocket with a Rolls-Royce-built Eurofighter jet engine, made by the Bloodhound project in 2015 in pursuit of the land-speed record. The current record is 763 mph, but the Bloodhound group didn’t want to just beat that—they wanted to hit quadruple digits. The BBC reported in 2017 that the car went 210 mph at an airport runway in England with the jet engine, and that within “two to three years,” it would’ve gotten a rocket motor strapped onto it for the real attempts at 1,000 mph.

But financials hadn’t been great at the Bloodhound project, with reports from October saying that the group needed 25 million pounds, or about $31.6 million, to keep going. Bloodhound Programme Ltd was already under administration—bankruptcy, in Britain—at the time of the reports because it ran out of cash, but a restructuring advisor said all the group needed was a company or a wealthy individual investor to step in and save the project.


That didn’t happen, so now the car is up for sale at what seems like a reasonable (?) price in the realm of people who have that much spare cash lying around. And, if we’re honest here, millionaires and billionaires of the world: supercar or supersonic car?

You know the answer.