That's Tough! The 1976 Levis CJ-5

You'll probably want to polish up your mood ring, put some Sweet on the 8-track, and pick up a 6-pack of Primo Beer once you've watched this ad for the '76 Levis Edition CJ-5. Sadly, the upholstery is slippery blue vinyl, not actual denim (the other Levis-branded AMC products also used faux denim for the interiors, though at least they used some sort of fabric-like substance). But, dammit, there's nothing fake about the 100% genuine denim stretched tightly over the posteriors of those giggly feathered-hair foxes!

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Didn't one of the big three (FoMoCo perhaps?) have like 3 "designer editions" in the 70's?I seem to remember a "Bill Blass Edition" of something or other.

Oh,and I have no 8-Tracks by Sweet.The last couple of times I've fired up the '79 Continental,I've been stylin' to "Armed Forces" by Elvis Costello.Yep,the old girl still has her factory,top-o-the-line,electronically tuned (remember red LED displays?) AM/FM 8-Track,complete with the optional factory CB,all still works.Most amusing is the remote "scan" button....Steering wheel?Oh no,it's just above the high beam switch on the floor...Basically,it's really easy to change the radio station trying to to hit the high beams......