That Video Of A Drone Striking A Plane Wing Is Totally Fake

Looks scary, that LiveLeak video you probably saw today of the drone striking the plane’s wing, doesn’t it? Stuff like that is every plane passenger’s worst nightmare. The good news is that it’s totally, verifiably, 100 percent fake.


Here’s the video in case you haven’t seen it. It shows what appears to be a Southwest Airlines-liveried plane going into distress after a flying drone destroys its wing. We aren’t show what happens next, but it’s not a sight any traveler wants to see.


We saw it too, but after doing some checking around, we discovered it’s not real.

FlightClub editor Collin Krum got in touch with Southwest Airlines officials, who said they have no reports of drones hitting any of their aircraft. So that’s out.

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Second, if you freeze frame, you can see it doesn’t say Southwest Airlines on the wing — it says As TheNextWeb reported today, that domain belongs to a Kansas City visual effects designer named Bruce Branit. He latter copped to making the video on Twitter:


Looks like he succeeded in getting it viral, too. I’ll give Branit credit for making a cool video that’s pretty convincing, at least at first glance.

I’m just glad it’s not real, because now I have one less thing to worry about on flights.


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Drakkon- Most Glorious and Upright Person of Genius

Doesn’t stop me being outraged about all hundreds of dead Americans falling their deaths in flying coffins because of the skyrocketing cases of drone-aircraft strikes.

The government is responsible for more than HALF of the strikes, that’s why the PRESS NEVER REPORTS IT! the other half the deadly drone strikes is multi-nationals like Facebook who pay the families of the dead MAJOR HUSH MONEY! Nobody is talking about this tragic and dangerous epidemic. You can only get good info on the forums where the NSA can’t track you.

Don’t be caught up by the ‘flying is safer than driving BS.’ The feds say that over and over as a method of population control!