There’s a video making the rounds on Twitter today of two clowns partaking in a “photoshoot” on a busy Manhattan street with a BMW i8, blocking it all up to hell, when all of a sudden a “real old-school New Yorker” comes up and smashes their windshield with a bat. Don’t believe it. It’s fake as hell.

As of this writing, it has more than 1,650 re-tweets and growing, and it must be stopped:


Don’t get me wrong. The BMW appears to be a real BMW. The bat appears to be a real bat. The windshield even appears to be a real glass windshield.

But it’s not a real incident. Everyone here is acting.

How do we know? Coby Persin, first of all, is the sort of contrived ass who makes YouTube videos that are “just a prank, bro” or “a social experiment, bro,” with titles like Most Epic Gold Digger Prank Ever!!! (EXPOSED) and Kylie Jenner Look-A-Like Pranks New York City!

I’ve included the links to those videos not because you should watch them (you shouldn’t), but because I must prove they exist. Also , it can be hard to tell which is a “prank” and which is a “social experiment”, so Persin has held votes as to which he should do next:


Though, to Cody’s delight, we do feel this sort of video is pretty insipid:


Exhibit B, of course, is that Real New York died 25 years ago after the Crown Heights riots, and no way in hell would someone smash a car’s windshield just because some garbage layabouts were getting their pictures taken while sitting on it. Nowadays we’d all just grumble and lament about what a crap place we live in and tell everyone we’re moving to Los Angeles.

Anyways, this thing is fake. Stop sharing it as if it’s real.