That Time An Airline Gave Itself A Boob Job

Even if you don't live in Europe, you've probably heard of Ryanair. Their level of excellence is about equal to that of Spirit Airlines here in the U.S. for its pricing methodologies and harebrained marketing schemes. But Ryanair once enhanced its image, by giving its corporate logo a breast augmentation.


Ryanair's old livery on a 737-800

Ryanair current livery on a 737-800

It's not unusual for airlines to update their image with a new paint scheme every so often, but when Ryanair decided to do theirs in 2003, they figured "why not get our boobs done while we're getting a makeover?" As you can see in the comparison photo at the top, the new one (on the right) has a decidedly more feminine physique over the older, more androgynous one.


Ryanair's standing seating concept

Ryanair's CEO Michael O'Leary has come up with some nutty ideas over the years, including a seating concept on which customers would sit on what amounts to a bicycle seat. Thankfully, that has yet to come to fruition. Instead, they're getting new 737s modified to hold up to 200 seats by reducing leg room and galley space. O'Leary also considered making customers pay to use the plane's lavatories, but supposedly Boeing (who makes their all-737 fleet) told the airline they wouldn't install pay mechanisms on the lavatory doors. Score one for the traveler.


Old Ryanair photo by AeroIcarus, new Ryanair photo by ta_dzik (Flickr, CC Commercial License)

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