That Ridiculous S2000 Jump From 2Fast 2Furious Was More Impressive Than You Might Have Realized

Collaged by the author
Collaged by the author
Screenshot: Craig Lieberman (YouTube)

I remember cringing in the movie theatre watching Suki’s pink Honda S2000 sail across the sky while she screamed “Yeah, smack that ass!” But after seeing some new-old behind the scenes 2Fast 2Furious footage, the stunt’s cool on a whole new level. Did you know that was a remote-controlled car on a real ramp?

Craig Lieberman, Technical Director, or basically the car-coolness consultant, for the first two F&F movies has been dropping gems of personal footage and backstory about the making of these flicks and I highly recommend you take a look.

Here’s a really interesting rundown of how an S2000 was built with a complex remote-control system so the car could catch hangtime without actress Devon Aoki, or a stunt double, having to eat airbag. Ironically, the people controlling the “Honda R/C” following closely behind in a Dodge Durango weren’t so lucky.

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Screenshot: Craig Lieberman (YouTube)

I mean, they were generally OK apparently, but their SUV wasn’t supposed to go off the jump and, uh, it a little bit did. Here’s the whole story:

Another reason to watch this video, if you’re still not enticed, is to learn what a “Mic Rig” is.

Lieberman’s been sharing Fast & Furious facts for years online and in his book, but for whatever reason it seems like he’s been inspired to drop some new nuggets of the franchise history on YouTube and I am 100 percent here for it. You can rest assured I’ll be sharing the other goodies on Jalopnik too, so stay tuned.

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Suki is Devon Aoki, Steve Aoki’s sister, and daughter of the guy who started Benihana.