That Near-Perfect Subaru Legacy Has Found Its New Home

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Photo: The Rad Report / Craigslist

Earlier last week, our wonderful Mercedes Streeter stumbled across a truly stunning Craigslist find: a 1990 Subaru Legacy Wagon that, despite its 216,000 miles, looks like it was transported directly into 2021 fresh off the production line. Well, my fine folks: It has found its forever home.

If you need a refresher, this great piece of 1990s beauty was listed for sale by The Rad Report, who put as much love and care into their sale description as they did in revitalizing the car:

...I was charmed by the proportions of this car. The short hood and extended back, the straight lines moving across the body. It was at once familiar and idiosyncratic, clearly built to be useful but with engineering parameters that allowed for a unique iteration on a standard form. On further inspection, the commitment to smoothness, a consistent fillet across the sheet metal and molded plastic was remarkable and beautiful. A near-perfect expression of enthusiasm for the new decade (the 90's), somehow subtle and radical at once. A utility vehicle in Tomorrowland.


Unfortunately, after just over year, our unfortunate protagonist was unable to convince his wife to keep the car, and he listed it on Craigslist. But now, the beauty has sold, hopefully to someone who will cherish this beautiful 1990s machine for the rest of their days.


I received nine emails. Four of them were fan-letters, immensely sweet responses expressing appreciation for the care and effort to sell it. Three of them were solid offers at the asking price, two of which came as a result of the coverage from Jalopnik. One of them was what can best be described as hate-mail,” The Rad Report wrote on Instagram.I think the writer takes strong offense to the idea that these can be valuable.”

But the real exciting story here? The Rad Report sold his near-perfect Legacy to Subaru of America in Camden, New Jersey, where it will live out its days in a climate-controlled environment, occasionally hitting the road to take part in events and shows.


It just goes to show that value is in the eye of the beholder, and that a well-maintained car is always going to appeal to someone’s heart. (That means you, hate-mail-sender.)