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That Book About Rich Energy Is Available For Pre-Order

Racing with Rich Energy tells the Haas F1 saga like you haven't heard it before

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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Image: Alanis King / McFarland

It’s happened again, folks. The Jalopnik team has produced another book. This time, it’s coming courtesy of myself and former Jalop Alanis King, and it’s available for pre-order now.

Racing with Rich Energy: How a Rogue Sponsor Took Formula One for a Ride is our deep dive into Rich Energy, that wild black-and-gold title sponsor of the Haas F1 team that basically turned into a nightmare. There were questions about the company’s funding right from the start, and things only devolved in a social media-fueled spiral that resulted in the company’s CEO, William Storey, withdrawing from the sport because he claimed that Haas was a bad team and that Formula One was too politically correct. Storey may have been the very first person to utter that last sentiment.


Alanis and I published the first-ever deep dive on Rich Energy here on Jalopnik. While people had been questioning Rich Energy on forums and social media, no journalists seemed prepared to figure out what was going on behind the shiny veneer of a gorgeous livery.

But the saga never quite ended, and here we are: With a book that tells the tale.


There will be plenty within the pages of Racing with Rich Energy that you’ve never heard before. We spoke to plenty of people who had been involved in the Rich Energy saga in some way, including former Haas crew members. We met with the people who first brought Rich Energy from Croatia to America (because yes, it existed here long before anywhere else). We unearthed legal documents that no one has ever seen before. Every time we thought we’d solved one mystery, another presented itself. Honestly, we could probably still be working on the damn thing, always on the hunt for another lead, always waiting for the next tweet.

Right now, our publisher, McFarland and Co., is only taking pre-orders. The book is part of their fall 2022 lineup, which means it’ll be in your hands later this year!

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