That Angry Wise-Ass Portland Note Left On A VW Diesel Was Unfortunately Real

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Yesterday we got a tip about a note reportedly left on a Volkswagen Jetta TDI from a wise-ass Portland resident, informing the owner about his cute, deadly, Fascist car. And guess what? It’s real. Unfortunately.

Advertisement received at least two reports of similar notes being left on vehicles from self-proclaimed “sympathetic and concerned” citizens of Portland notifying TDI owners about the dangerous implications of their innocent Volkswagen ownership.

Rick Gencarelli was one of two people who told KGW they received the note. The founder of Portland’s Lardo restaurant chain posted a photo for his many followers on Instagram and said comments came pouring in.

“It’s crazy, but mostly I think it’s funny,” Gencarelli said. “You know, I think we were all misled and fooled by VW. I’m not supporting the Nazi’s here!” he said with a chuckle.

I got a rant in me, and it’s coming out. Get ready. Send the kids to bed early. I can’t hold back on this one.

To the note-writer: leave your smarmy, self-righteous, ignorant notaries to yourself. People bought a TDI because they were fun, advertised to be clean and efficient, and usually obtained for a pretty reasonable deal.


The fact that Volkswagen Group successfully lied to the world’s governments using software trickery on emissions tests is of no responsibility to the owners, and completely in the hands of Volkswagen and regulators to sort out a solution.

And the fact that the company was initially founded by the Nazi party almost 80 years ago is completely irrelevant. Your implications are insensitive and insulting, and you’re just making a shitty situation for TDI owners that much worse.


Go find something better to do. Just take a few deep breaths and go eat some kale, you’ll be alright. Better yet, go help out the EPA. It seems like they could use a hand.

Top image from KGW’s news report, Instagram photo from innocent TDI owner.



Meanwhile modified coal rolling brodozers get a free pass...